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593B Talcottville Road, Vernon, CT 06066 Serving Hartford County and Tolland County
Phone Number:  860.871.8580
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ABSOLUTE COMPUTER SERVICES   Certifications, Repairs & Services
We also offer additional services such as wireless networking or cloud backup and we are always happy to answer your questions about Information Technologies (IT) and devices.
Our professional technicians hold certifications for: Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), with the skills to successfully implement a Microsoft product or technology. ComTIA A+ Certified Technicians, for installations, preventive maintenance, network, security and troubleshooting, CompTIA Network Certified for managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing and configuring network infrastructure. We will work at your location or we can provide pickup and delivery of your computers to take to our computer repair shop for servicing or repair.  ACS does not charge travel fees to go to your location.  We can service your computer on-site or pick up and deliver your computers to you, subject to a minimum charge. 
Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal:  If you are concerned your computer may have been compromised, Absolute   Computer Services will evaluate the problem and use the best techniques to target and permanently remove the threa to restore your computer back to health. Laptop and Desktop Reairs:  If you are experiencing problems with your computer we can perform tests on the hardware and troubleshoot or replace components causing the problems; or if it appears to be a software problem, we will check the operating system configuration, updates and installed applications for causes.     Computer Cleanup, Slow Computer Tune-Ups, New Computer Setup and Upgrades:  Computers usually require a tune-up over time, to expand the life of your computer and keep it operating smoothly for you.  Absolute Computer Services can also install upgrades for your computer or set up a new computer that includes formatting and installations. Wireless Internet Setup & Troubleshooting:  We can setup your wireless internet for you at home or at your business to accomodate your needs.  If you are having problems with your wireless internet, we can also troubleshoot and resolve the problems for you. Windows Repair or Reinstall:  As Microsoft Certified Professionals, we can diagnose and repair Windows problems, or if needed, reintall the full Windows operating system on your current computer or a new computer. Data Recovery:  If you have lost data possibly due to a damaged, failed or corrupted hard drive or an electronic storage device, we have techniques to recover your data to a safe location.  We can also investigate why this happened and advise you of a resolution for the problem. Fully Automated Cloud Backup For All Your Business and Personal Data:  Absolute Computer Services now offers Cloud Backup Services with CARBONITE.  You can also click on the banner at the top of this page, or go to our Contact page if you would like to contact Absolute Computer Services direct using our email contact form, or call us at 860-871-8580. 
Absolute Computer Services has served the Conneticut towns in both Hartford County and Tolland Couny for over 15 years.   We continue to offer customers our extensive experience working with up-to-date technologies.  And, we also make sure you have certified technicians available to help you when you need laptop and desktop computer repair for both your business or your personal, residential needs. We strive to always give the best customer service to all our customers, large or small. 
BBKTG, from Manchester Conneticut wrote to tell us about her experience with our services: “Living in Manchester, it is important that I have a computer guy nearby. A recent Chrome update messed me up and Absolute Computer Services was over in a flash to solve the problem. Thanks again for your help. Thank you BBKTG., we really appreciate hearing from you!
Did you ever ask yourself:  Where can I find reliable computer repair near me?  Well, look no further than Absolute Computer Services.  We are a local company that provides service to the local community. Don’t get fooled by the national scam artists!   As a local business, Absolute Computer Services has kept our customers coming back to us for over 15 years.
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Absolute Computer Services provides service to the towns located in Connecticut’s Hartford County and Tolland County. ACS does not charge travel fees to go to your location.  We can service your computer on-site or pick up and deliver your computers to you, subject to a minimum charge.
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