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Tech Notes - Tips, Questions & Answers

ABSOLUTE COMPUTER SERVICES Tech Notes - Questions & Answers
Computers are now an important part of our daily lives that we rely on, both at home and Simple steps that can be taken to keep your computers working at peak performance and the information on your computer safe.  Each month Tech Notes will share some simple tips for a safe, healthy computer and also answer questions you might have.  If you would like to submit a question, Absolute Computer Services will be happy to answer your question and share it with others in our Questions and Answers section of Tech Notes.  Go to our Contact  page and use our email form for to submit your question.  If you are having problems you would like us to look at for you, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.
1. BACKUP:  Probably the most important tip we can offer is to keep a regular schedule of backing up your files, either weekly or monthly.  If you value what you have stored on your computer, a regular backup of your data should be a habit you always keep.  Any number of things could happen to compromise the data on your computer, and a backup is always the best insurance you can have to recover from a disaster. 2.  ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE:  Keep your anti-virus program up to date and scan your computer at a minimum of once a week, or preferably nightly, when you won’t be using your computer.   A virus, malware or spyware can quickly infect your computer, but keeping your computer protected will the lessen the chances for serious damage to be done or possibly spreading it further to friends, family or co-workers. 3, SURGE PROTECTOR:  Always recommended as a good investment.  A sudden increase in voltage can corrupt data on your computer and even complete failure of your computer.  Unlike a common power strip used to plug in multiple power cords, make sure it clearly identified as a surge protector or surge suppressor, to protect against sudden spikes in power . 4. CLEAN HOUSE:  Delete old files you no longer use or need; delete duplicate versions of files; delete or uninstall old programs you no longer use; and delete temporary files created by programs and browsers.  And, have you checked how many files are in your recycle bin recently?  All of this can add up to valuable disc space being used that can slow down your computer.
Q: A software program stopped working like it should, what should I do? A: First, close the program and reopen it.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, do a shutdown of your computer, then wait a couple of minutes and start it up again.  This simple step can often resolve the problem.  If you are still having problems, check to see if you need to install an update of the program. Q:  My monitor keeps going blank, how do I stop this?   A: This can happen by having your screen saver enabled to launch if you have not used your mouse or keyboard for a specified amount of time.  All you have to do is move your mouse around and your desktop screen will appear.  If this is annoying, you can change the screen saver settings; go to your Control Panel, select Display and then select the Screen Saver tab to disable the screen saver or change the amount of time for your computer to be idle to engage the screen saver. Q: How do I clean the LCD screen of my laptop?  A: Make sure not to spray any liquids directly onto the screen.  The screen is not made of glass, so do not use a paper towel as it can cause scratching.  It is recommended to use a soft cotton cloth, and if needed you can apply rubbing alcohol to the cloth (not directly on the screen) and wipe the screen with the damp cloth.  Remember to press gently while cleaning. Q: What is Wi-Fi and how is it used?  A: Wi-Fi uses radio waves that allow electronic devices to exchange data or connect to the internet.  Wi-Fi is trademarked and is defined as any “wireless local area network” (WLAN).  Wi-Fi technology is used by PCs, video game consoles, smartphones, some digital camers, tablet computers and digital audio players.  Access points can have a range of 65 feet indoors, while outdoors it can range up to several square miles by using several overlapping access points.
Customer Reviews Gino from ACS was highly recommended to me. I tried him about 9 months ago when my computer crashed and was blown away by his knowledge and his ability to speak to me about computers and not speak down to me. The biggest surprise was cost.....I was told by others I needed a new computer. ACS had me up and running in less than a day for much, much less than a new computer. Gino just left my office (on a Saturday morning) after installing improvements I asked for, again the cost was extremely affordable. I now have a better machine than new and not even close to the what I had expected to pay for new. I have HIGHLY recommended ACS to others and they are now fans also!  Michael S. Tolland, CT 2015 Compared to other 'on site'  or in-the-shop services, Mr. Falcetta (ACS) offers the best.  Proof of this is  my recommending his service to three other individuals.  Now he provides computer upgrades, on site (home and business) services to them also.   He needs to duplicate or clone himself to keep up with the increasing requests.    Carol B. Vernon, CT 2015
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